The free freemasonry and religion

The Grand Master Moussa Prince

Free Masonry and religion, or placebo poor relationship?


That the relationship between Freemasonry free and religions – especially Altaleahyh of them – have taken different forms over the centuries.

We will stop at a little church More precisely, when the churches to reflect on later relations with the Church in particular, to say the last thing that everything was stopped in the Christian world on the issue of the position of “fundamentalist” in the ecclesiastical authority.

From here we can say now and finally that these relations were extremely tense, especially in Europe, at the end of the nineteenth century and early twentieth century.

But these relations between the Free Masons and the Christian world was apparently in the way of improvement since the last world war and to this day.

From a historical, it was the mix between forums and the Church, in its opening, he saw the light love marriage with the cathedral builders. The wedding was celebrated in the eighteenth century in England, a country-loving clubs and discussions. A century later the marriage was in trouble flops, which led to Jean-Paul Jtna  (JP Guenty) a description of the situation, “Palast blessed” obscurantism on the one hand, and the construction of free “Devoured parish priests” on the other. It seems that things between the forums and the church is in the midst of the mutual ihram, to some extent forgotten that the original brothers, “or love marriage” as described by the original turn Nofontain Luc (Luc Nefontaine) great specialist in this matter.

In the beginning was the proportion of Freemasonry professional builders to build cathedrals and was free in the Middle Ages – Bernzaak by Daniel (Daniel Berenesiak) a Roman Catholic and perhaps may say that Roman Catholics had the rock. Freemasonry and turned from a “professional” to “acceptable” to “speculative theory” and that was the red line separating those three eras very subtle and more mythological being realistic. The Masonic contemplative as we know it today was born in the early eighteenth century in the middle of English, as previously mentioned, is the most tolerant in that era, loves the meetings and discussions, also wrote “Luke Nofontain” emerged from the clubs – quench the thirst of sociability, and aspirations to the Union beyond the ideological barriers. The goals sought by priests Anderson (Anderson)    and Dzagolier ( Désaguliers) and other consolidation of a “brotherhood pluralism” and overcome the differences that era, ie, “ecumenical” real before the text also requires the recognition of it? Thus, the concept was originally a Masonic contemplative movement within the center of a Christian. Since 171 6 the Jews began to step into the threshold of the forums and Anderson himself was in favor of the acceptance of Muslims and Hindus and the Parisians, it seems. The second edition of “constitutions” in the year 173 8 But first published in 1723 describes the Masons was to “suggesting” Noachide  any real followers of Noah. Necessitating rejection of the worship of idols, taking into account the relationship between the creature and his Creator, and to renounce violence and moral corruption. That refer to “Alnouhah” is meaningful, Vondersen establishes a common basis of humanity and the covenant between God and man prior to the appearance of any particular religion.

Thus, far from her appearance as an instrument of war against the believers, the Freemasonry original intention was rather to provide more of the spirit and brotherhood that many religions find it difficult to provide, despite the stated good intentions, which requires recognition.

On 15 March 1995 wrote Graybovski Laurent (Laurent Greybowski) an article titled “The Satanic cassette” “La cassette Satanique”  which published its contents in a file that the current “religious” L’Actualité Religieuse number 131 said:

March 1994 , that at a press conference held at the headquarters of the Grand Lodge French in Paris, announced, “Monsignor Jean-Charles Thomas (Mgr Jean Charles Thomas)  Bishop of Versailles, and Mr. Azam, Jean-Louis Mandino (Jean Louis Mandinaud)  the issuance of cassette video in which the parties and the title “Hidden Garden, a look at the builders Liberal Catholics in France, passed this news is almost unnoticeable, even though he was an important event at the time.

In this tape, three generations of Masons are free to witness different: and so, went out into the open those who fear some of the privacy sometimes … Witness a private belonging double to Catholicism and Freemasonry free and talk about the way in which reconcile the between their faith and their commitment to the Freemason, then speaks, “Monsignor Thomas” and the former minister “Hubert Germain” ( Hubert Germain)   Catholic Freemason for their meetings and dialogue between them four years ago. Who could have imagined a few years before the occurrence of such phenomenon, which we will return to it at the end of our study? Not far from the time of curses, and the closest it time era, which was published in which the compound of the two statements of faith to belief confirming once again the conflict between belonging to the Catholic Church and the Free Masons, and that was in November 19 8 3 .

The owner of this warning, Cardinal Ratzinger  , and for good reasons not understood by one announced at the time that, Catholics belonging to the Masons, are in the case of mortal sin and forbidden to progress to the Holy Communion. However, the legal right (Shara canon), which was released in the same year he had canceled the material aimed at the Free Masons and private law 2235 which prohibits the provision of each person belonging to the Masonic lodge.

The new law only condemn only the position of each of those who “belong to the Association of plotting against the Church? This is normal. Shall have the right to say that since several years, especially after the Vatican Council, continues the dialogue between Catholics and the Free Masons make progress.

“In the beginning was the Word.” Based on this testimony, which begins with the Gospel of John, took another position very clear. We have seen that in the case of video cassette above and we will come back to it later for further explanations.

Although the Free Masons is the daughter of the British Protestant multifaceted what soon also be adapted to the ground with Catholicism. And to prove not to hurt her in the religious sphere and the fact in a country like France, where it includes forums, new members of the clergy men. At a time when the papacy is furious at the Masonic, ie in the first half of the eighteenth century “was about two thousand men of the clergy, according to Jean-Pierre Faalih  (Jean Pierre Viallet ) attending workshops the old continent, notes of Freemason Albert Anton (Albert Lantoine ) that the word dress priesthood was a passport without a barrier into the Association of Muslim Brotherhood respectable. He notes for example that the forum sisters nine, a forum Voltaire (Voltaire)   , which can be described Bmchris the last hour , the number of clergy at least three centuries. But who is responsible for breaking the magic of this harmony? and longer for it to history. Since the work of “a Jose. Ferrer Benninla  (José A. Ferrer-Beninelli ) Spanish Jesuit and professor at the University “Srgosh”, and his huge treatise on “Freemasonry, the Church and the lights,” emphasizes the latter, “no doubt after today, it’s a civil authority.” We will see this in more detail on the subject will handle on the “Free Masons and politics”, where “Masonic conspiracy” that does not exist in fact, occupies pride of place. Masonic bother. Catholic Church and the authority does not soon to be launched. No sooner had the eighteenth century up to the waist was Papal even open fire twice, first under the banner of Akelmends XII  (Clement XII) ( in 1738) and second in the reign of Benedict XIV (Benoit XIV) 1751.  sockets? Moral corruption is supposed to Almason, password with its crisis, the section on the Holy Scriptures doubt Behrtqh who dare to meet with others, and finally illegal. In the countries of “inspection” (Spain, Portugal, and a part of Italy) that belong to the oppressed in the forums more often, threats and intimidation was not Roman, but indifference. It is noted that the popes had not raised at all, the theme of “Constitutions” Anderson did not condemn the Protestant origin of Freemasonry, for example.

Essence of the Christian in origin, will Freemasonry opposite directions. But the Catholic Church apparently were not you find what suits them not enlightened nationalism in the formula in the formula does not compromise – the Masonic spiritual.

He notes, “Jean – Bar Faalih” All the popes of the nineteenth century devoted at least a publication of the papal condemnation of secret societies, most especially the Balmasonah.

And political considerations were not absent, especially if the subject of the threat of papal authority in time by the conspirators of the members of the forums (from Garibaldi Garibaldi ). But with time I took the theological arguments of the kind overwhelm the others. Has reached its peak against the papal attack “the sons of the widow” in the publication of Pope Leo XIII Leon XIII)    ( Humanum Genus ) 1 eight hundred eighty-four), who speaks for the Assembly of revolutionary Olagrecah “normal” is not only aimed at the secularization of society. ”

In France, Catholics began to abandon forums from the date of the Treaty of 1801 as it became a papal window punitive provisions in the homeland. Since then, the camps became clear limits so possible start shelling. The height of the conflict at the borders of the nineteenth century and the twentieth century. In 19 22 has gained ammunition dump Catholic a new weapon: “International Review of the Associations of confidentiality” of its founder, Monsignor Juan, who invented the idea of Judaism – Freemasonry is based on a fraudulent document with a known significant fabricated as well as the police cesarean: “The Protocols of the Elders of Zion.” This document came to mention the alleged Jewish conspiracy against the world which will be Almason Dmaha unconscious. We will return to this subject at length in a timely manner, especially in the study of Free Masonry and politics.

And then developed into the church, taken with the secular Freemasons put an end to the violent hostility of the Aclis, and in the Second Vatican Council found it raised the “thorny issue” over the ages. This man is the Bishop of Koerna – Vaca in Mexico Monsignor Mands Arkio. Clan in the Free Masons, said the bishop said, there is no doubt a good number of enemies of Christianity, but there are many more believe in God and Bouhah and boasts of being a Christian. From here seemed signs of reconciliation is possible and there was some progress in this sense thanks to the declaration on religious freedom issued by the compound and remove the bush from the ground assumed by a handful of progressives of both parties. This is in spite of some situations unfortunate taken by the bishops Germans in May, 19 80 and the compound for the belief of faith in November 19 8 3 who declared “no-change rule of the church the negative associations of Freemasonry, in spite also of some spasticity made ​​by the Auditor Catholic High.

The Romanian Church, the person of her superior and more of the Archbishop of them, and put Freemasonry free in the dock, but can not believe that this institution has not received some blows claws of the world, Protestant with the principle of double relevance to the Church and the Masonic acceptable on the whole contrary to what is in the Catholic . But the Methodist Church for example, advises its members not to hesitate to have forums with exemption of “Quaker” from the department. In 19 8 7 and the holding of the Synod-General of the Anglican Church in the “York” and described the latter as Novntin Nefontaine , some of the rituals of Freemasonry as incompatible with Christian faith and even as blasphemous, on the other hand noted Jean-Pierre Faalih that in Germany the Albrocstna Eckart Eckart , condemn the most violent since the mid-nineteenth century, the role of clan hidden, in the spring of the peoples and revolutionary events.

In connection with the Jews, was thus the first reference to the Jewish Masonic in an 8 1 6 and called the “Francis Francis” ( Francis Francis )  , but remained there differential effects of the decisions of English in the forums.

In 177 4 foundations Fares Frenchman, Pierre de Sicard  (Pierre de Sicard) in the city, “Liege” forum union of hearts. Indicates “Daniel Bernzaak” to a special system of this forum states that the Jews and Mohammedans and Algot and other “nations” who have no circumcision Kmamodah but they can not enter the home only after they wash themselves holy baptism. There is another case more famous, is the issue of Moses Mendelssohn ( Moïse Mendelsohn) seventeen 2 nine – 17 86 spokesperson of the “lights” German and pro-rationality of Judaism, who suffered a great disappointment for not being able to follow his friends Alchristeyen to the forum are “Nikolai Nicolaï  “,” Dom von   Von Dohm “,  especially for Singh Lessing .

Masonic reservation about the Jews, but also a Jewish reservation about the Masons, because the forums, they said, printed in the spirit of Christianity, but it should be noted that historically these forums was in fact a tool of integration of the outcasts.

Since Europe was the cradle of Freemasonry has “exported” and hand over the commercial or colonial adventures. The question is if he would receive hospitality in the land of Islam? The West believes in the eighteenth century, and continued this belief a long time, that the religion of the Arab Prophet is more religious tolerance,  in the middle of the eighteenth century was Sir Hamid Sidi Hamed, the imam of a mosque Bjaya in Algeria, a statement that “Muslims teach doctrines that have no exclusivity and fits in perfectly with the doctrine of Freemasonry. so that it is not on our fears in the Land of the Islamic resistance of the Catholic clergy in the country. for our times, it seems that if the fronts are completely upside down.

How will things in reality? According to “Thierry Zarkon Thierry Zarcone , the Masonic free introduced in the early to the Ottoman Empire, about twenty years after the reorganization in England in 1717 almost in the same era that gave the Constitution ” In E Mminenti “the Pope” Clement XII. “spread patch and the Catholic conviction followed, and the Armenian Patriarchate Udhutoxah suit, but it should be noted later that the Patriarch Athenagoras Athenagoras   devote a Mason in the United States.

“Apart from some exceptions, as” Zarkon “sample, it was necessary to wait for the mid-nineteenth century to enter the Muslims first door forums. The success was staggering apparently in a 86 9 , as were counted, 53 Muslims out of a 4 3 ahead. and during the the forums was the Holy Quran has found his place on the whole to the Bible, while the Prince, “Abdel Qader” Masonic High-place lead the resistance against the French occupation of Algeria. Muslims were to look at the Masonic association Brothers. “has been completed the mix between Freemasonry and Islam, mainly almost mystical way, according to “Zarkon” too, has exceeded the limits of the Ottoman Empire to the rest of the Arab world and even Iran.

Between Sufism and Freemasonry Mosque is a common dimension of ritual and metaphysical and spiritual research, so I got calls from both sides. And Sufism, which clipped Balmasonah did not maintain the debt, but by “the appearance of the top” back to the term “Zarkon.” It was like the meeting between the two transport and accommodate the transmission of ideas in European culture. The Masonic mystical melting pot of modern Turkey. But later changed the days and the arts. Today, he notes, “Locke Nofontain” in the land of Islam, that out of the Western Association commends the freedom of assembly and freedom of thought can not be overlooked, moreover, was on the Free Masons, who are without the right of clients to Zionism, to commit to caution.

Long is the list of countries that are not forums in which the Masonic right to settle in these days, for political or religious reasons, because the general rule, as we shall see in due course, is that totalitarian regimes right-wing or left-wing involved in the anti-Masonic. Valsadh “Stlesar” and “Hitler” and “Stalin” and the like from the world of dictatorship, political or religious atheist who live examples of this.

And return to Christianity, especially the Catholic Church, is not we have the right to question whether the legal right now, just “reject” or “eternal power loss,” according to the language of theology to those who belong to the Association of plotting against the Church. But it should also verify that the Free Masons, conspired against the Church, even though the personal “sore Djnan dealer”

Djennan Kareh Tager   talk about the alleged plot Freemasonry, writing, an introduction to the following:

“Consider the map of Metro city of Moscow. They checked good. Aqlboha to all aspects, you will not see it as something more than a map. You’re blind, that the people who others more knowledgeable of you know how to touch the symbols of Freemasonry and provide this evidence that the goal is to turn the lower city, to what cheese-like “Gharwier.”, it is our duty to recall that the priest, a Mason, in an interview with Jean-Paul Gtina “about Freemasonry and religion, he asked: What is the difference? But to answer his own question, saying: “I will speak rather in terms complementary. It seems to me it is a clear expression in the sign of the cross, consisting of a vertical line, horizontal. Religions make up the vertical line and carried to the human message of divinity. Freemasonry represents the horizontal dimension, a brotherhood. Not only Almason brothers between humans, there are also the brothers with the universe may not be denial of creation in this field. was frequently mistake the church to give a message without basis. without base: how can we understand the teaching of Christ without taking into consideration that he was literally and that he was using some tools. the Bible is packed with symbols : form of the cross, the four corners, center, directions, east, crown forks of Christ, who said he was from acacia (Acacia). Almason them paying particular attention to the Acacia, which symbolizes the immortality of the soul and the inability to rot. pain is contained in the Taik the Old Testament said a character soon that imposed its prestige. It’s personal, “Hiram” mentioned in the first chapter of the Book of Kings (7.13 to 14) and in the second chapter of the book of news (2.12), which was the master architect of the temple in Jerusalem.’s body was found on the old pictures and “widow,” thanks to the sweat of acacia out of the ground. but to mention here that the campus had been lifted for builders Liberal in the Second Vatican Council the latter. But the reaction of the heirs of the “Inquisition” did not delay the publication of an article of great importance in the “Osservatore Romano” ( Osservatore Romano)  seems to be back on the decisions of that compound in spite of the difference between the Masons believe in dividing the right on the Scriptures and the Assembly described Palmlhaddh that divide the sword. “The engineer Llacun The Greatest” is not always the issue of acceptance with the church, and emphasizes the Vatican newspaper again that he can not reconcile the Christian faith and Freemasonry, it goes back so turn to the publication of Pope Leo XIII to conclude “that belong to the ranks of Freemasonry separation from the church.” So it seems that the commandos Jesuits in particular have their job to the fullest, and what are the damage to his, in this area, Church and her brothers in the human world.

And added, “It is not possible for a Christian to live with God in a double split into two directions.” Valakhuh Freemasonry would mutate mainly act of faith so that the Christian faith does not permit belonging to a Masonic lodge. “Is it correct to say if that is not in human brotherhood other than that in Christianity? Will repulsion real between the Christian faith and Freemasonry? Undoubtedly that if we want to look clearly into this problem after the facts and identify the positions, it is to be questioned about the nature, content and very Freemasonry, which consists of an act of faith core of the Christian? it to join the truth of God through Jesus and his church and Jesus Christ alone is the master of truth and life: ” I am the way and the truth and the life. “Furthermore, the act of faith issued by the complex Nicaea Concil de Nicée  appointed by the nature and the framework and limits of that faith.

Affirms the Christian faith in one God, Creator of heaven and earth, and his son Jesus Christ, who is incarnation of God on earth. He died and rose again and judge the living and the dead. It also confirms the belief in the Holy Spirit and the Church of the Holy League and the forgiveness of sins and the resurrection of the dead and eternal life.

Thus, there is an intermediary between man and God, which is not an abstract principle, or the word “logos”, but “Logos” made ​​flesh, who became man, any man came into existence in the time of human history and lived among them and came to provide them with sincerity. In addition, The St. Paul that the Stoics: “Christ is what you call it pagan philosophers” word “and that what you call faith we call the wisdom of Christ.” And Pascal   Pasca l confirms its clarity and, in turn, entrusted the essential point of the Christian faith. “We do not know God except through Jesus Christ, without which the mediator is no room for any contact in God.” Faith Christian is always due to Jesus Christ. Moreover, some Christians, especially Catholics, of whom consider that the Romanian Catholic Church is that received the message of Christ. Thus, it has received a deposit of faith and revelation and alone can, with its consideration, within the doctrine that granted, that is, in the church, announcing the content of faith.

After we explained that these ideas must now be the major trend towards Constitutions of Freemasonry, especially those that do not accept atheism, any associations that result in its members section on the Scriptures, not on the sword, as we mentioned above, to inform that the constitutions of “Andersen” famous. It is our right to ask what is the theme and what is its purpose? It strives to organize the relations between rulers and ruled, between citizens and power, and it is very general.

Freemason is a person about a peaceful and civil authorities should not be linked to a plot against the peace of the nation “and Hinatha,” to quote Sheikh Abdullah Alayli.

Note and if the right to insist on the peaceful nature of the forums and integrity of the builders Aharar. It is not a destructive thing in the advice given or prescribed by the rules? The announcement that “The main forum for the largest French” La Grande Loge de France  , confirms that the French Grand Lodge does not interfere in any dispute relating to issues of political or sectarian. As well as in the case of larger systems, the Lebanese and Middle Eastern Federal Reserve and other Masonic organizations in Lebanon.

The other articles of the Constitutions “Andersen”, it has the character internally and for the organization of forums and the conduct of its business and its structure serial which states the rules that must prevail in the practice of “craft” and the conduct of builders Liberal among themselves within the forums and in their relationship with the outside world is of electrodes. And requests from private builders to exercise the virtue of the Liberal brotherly love is the foundation and cornerstone of the old fraternal. Do not see this as what it can hurt the conscience of the Christian or Muslim or throw Asltzm campus or the decision of atonement.

We must note here that an important Christian church, as well as Islam does not Atamodaan on the same level does not comply to the same end, that of Freemasonry. Christianity and Islam religions Taleahyan envisage the guidance of human beings to the path of salvation and eternal life. The Masonic Alandersenah do not give any instructions in this regard or contrary instructions. It reflects the process of collection of interest to building free, here and now Hinc et Nunc  . Christianity and Islam as well as envisage the empowerment of human to reach the sky. Masonry, seeking to regulate their lives on the ground without objection the way to eternal life. Since Islam is a religion and Christian religion Fsnktefi here, for further simplification that we are committed up to talk about Freemasonry in Christian countries, especially to see if there is a conflict.

Based on the foregoing, in the true sense that Freemasonry is not a religion nor a church in the crowd

Or competition with our church and it seems that non-Catholic churches have understood the subject more than the Romanian church and see how the interview between the latter and the Masonic condemnation on behalf of Christian principles. For simple comparison it seems as if we exclude from the Christian community members of the Academy or other institutions embrace the people coming from different religious or philosophical perspectives.

For the builders that the Liberals a matter of faith or religion is not relocating at the enterprise level but also at the level of rights, which leads us to reflect on the first article of the Constitutions “Andersen.”

This article emphasizes that the free construction that comply with the moral law and that therefore “if absorbed a good article I will never be stupid atheist or religious Mthtka.” It declares “that the Masons do not want to subject people, but to that religion, which is acceptable to all, leaving the per capita personal belief.”

In the framework of large-scale Taleahyh, known Anderson Free Masons as a sort of a blank field in which people meet their religious beliefs and scientific beliefs are different. In this area in this place, each Masonic to witness his faith of religious or philosophical under the guise of tolerance and mutual understanding. Because the right of Freemasonry do not take account of any form of revelation then it can remain truly the center of the Union.

Again, according to Masonic tradition that the right of every individual to choose his faith and lived by faith. Freemasonry does not impose, and it obviously does not prevent any personal faith. However, IFC is the subject of Freemasonry other objections based on the symbolic nature of the Masonic way of verbal and sacramental character Initiatique of the institution.

It is true that the Free Masons living in a world of symbols and symbolic language they use. But contrary to what the symbol of faith with the public and especially the Christian faith? If true, say that the symbol sense us, at the level of the exposed and the surface, to look, beyond the phenomenon, the self-same, but have to say, to the contrary, it restores human consciousness to a kind of sense Palmkhva Avqdtna him sacred and modern civilizations?

The process of cohabitation Initiation  Freemasonry can not be likened to a religious secrets S Acrements  . Unlike the mysteries of the religious rituals Altkirsah not and can not move any “grace” (religious concept) does not enable us to enter eternal life and salvation. Cohabitation that I Nitiation Freemasonry is a more practical and humane  : it’s the development of a non-human “here and now”, and suggesting that the right path and open the way for him to develop the idea and the same. As indicated by the origin, this word means the beginning of a solemn moment of human urges and aware of what it should be, the beginning of any search and pursuit of spiritual and moral building.

And Freemasonry in which Altaleahy very broad and open under the banner of “the greatest architect of the universe,” affirms freedom of conscience and the search for truth. It emphasizes, at the same time, friendship and brotherhood of human beings united in this quest, and thanks to whom, according to personal inspiration they find together to walk towards the light. It lays down the bases where there are Mjmta and meet people who belong to religious and philosophical beliefs with respect for different ideas.

This is what constitutes their reality. Freemasonry that a non-collection of humans and their union in spite of their differences and beyond these differences, perhaps not as fact, however, are more modest, to search for the truth.

Is Freemasonry in contradiction with what appears in the depth of religious beliefs, especially the Christian faith? Do not believe it. When we do the above views are in contradiction with the teaching of the Church Fathers, or with some final remarks compound or with the Gospels? Or not St. Augustine is the one who has already taught us that “one of us does not claim that he found the truth.” So we want to search for the truth not as if they or those they know. The only way to search for the truth in a spirit of peaceful rule is that each of the two teams prior opinion of each scenario, each rule is fraught with risk, and adjusted for the belief that he found the truth and know. “St. Augustine meant that the road passes through the fact the inner life.” “Do not go out, but admitted to yourself because at the heart of the creature living in the truth.”

And it seems to us to express this to be one of the first principles of Freemasonry is self-knowledge. The slogan “Know yourself”, so dear to “Socrates,” Aziz also on the Free Masons is written in the meditation room, a place called a strange devotion to meditation by a Mason. With the fact that religion does not pass, but the institution of research at home and what that research is linked, for the Masonic freedom. Do you still also between the moral teachings of Freemasonry and the Church contrary to radical or fundamental contradiction? This is unlikely in our opinion, especially if we read these myths from the dictionary of religions, who gave him “Monsignor Poupard  Mgr Poupard  “, the dignitaries of the Catholic Church Romanian:” Catholic – says, “Monsignor Poupard” – does not control alienated radical, in the pursuit of God to all forms of philosophical thinking and methods of moral endeavor and all expressions of religious attitude. ” Who dares to utter such words?

Seems to us more meaningful these statements to Vatican II: “The dignity of the human person is, in our time, the subject is more awareness Tokda, growing always a number who are asking for a person the possibility of action by virtue of his choices and personal responsibility free, not under the pressure of coercion are, but guided by the consciousness of duty” .

As stated also: “the human person has the right to religious freedom,” and this freedom presupposes free human beings from all coercion by individuals or block social or human power of any kind, so that does not force one, within the limits of correct, that works contrary to his conscience. ” He adds, “can not compel one to accept the faith by force it.” or not that was confirmed by Freemasonry has always been: that freedom in the areas of belief and thought? finally a kind of vulnerability, we read in a publication Ecclesiam suam  to the Pope “Paul VI” Paul VI   in 19 64: “We must speak before the dialogue is friendship.” and the Masonic Lodge is an association of friendship and those that place the common good of the fraternal dialogue between people of good will.

To that, he tells us of John in his letter: “that no one had seen God at all. And if we like each other, God lives in us,” and also God is love, and who abides in love abides in God, and God abides in him and well, who claims to be light and malice against his brother, is in the darkness, and who loves his brother abides in the light. “Here, brotherly love between people is the first condition which allows humans infect contradictions of doctrines and dogmas. so do not see that in the form or in substance, what compels us to say that there is a dissonance between Christianity and Freemasonry, if What we have formed a correct idea about this and that.

With respect to traditional Balmasonah, there is the first virtue of friendship and love. Free Masons and the traditions of the past and also see that man knows himself as a freedom and he can not, without denying the same to give up this freedom, freedom without exceeding in the search for truth and goodness so that the moral law is the foundation of this work.

In the small hours of the most critical hours, and most bitter in the history, and in time of intensified the conflict, including religious, including political, that bloodied Europe, and in the time that seemed to which those confused suspect herself has taken dizziness and seemed crumbling and suspect its fate, I tried to Masonic lodges address those wrangling deadly to call a spirit of tolerance and freedom, at the same time carrying a message brotherhood and hope, and tools that allow to achieve them.

As we are today at the end of this century, at this time from the date returned by the demons of barbarism the most brutal, and violence, the most insane and hate the most lethal control societies and human beings, at a time when alternative in which the deviation year in the same human beings so that it no longer able to know the whereabouts of the truth They do not want to distinguish between good and evil and confuse the darkness and light. At a time when the forces of destruction by various means to distort the nature of the rights and humiliate him and execute him, and sometimes appear Strengthened by those who find in the collection of human beings and building rights itself and HH him to the top, at the time of decay in which ancient cultures and reaches the humans Taibo will, to the extent of doubt spiritual values, we believe that it is urgent and necessary that we call once again appeal to the Union aimed at people, even though _khasomathm and divisions so that they learn to know each other, and here to love each other.

Is no longer time for the silly differences outdated, especially as it became the past. The time is no longer appropriate to impose barriers and less than that to take ihram. Is the hour of the Union forces of the forces of darkness and light general Lnh it’s time to wake the man from his slumber if we are ridding the human rights and rescue.

So I tried a mixed group, religious Freemasonry, in France, that is doing what, as mentioned previously. I have found, in regard to them, it’s thanks to a cassette tape – Video can be a combination of image and word, between word and deed and preview the transit from the curse to the dialogue. And return the gesture to the Monsignor, “Thomas” and the aforementioned that started it all for him ten years ago, as it called him Father Rene Brtier former radio commentator Europe / 1 / and specialist dialogue with the Free Masons. He joined the Metropolitan, “Versailles” team continued the work of the Forum, the largest French. This was a team that includes four Katoleikaan and one Jew and one Orthodox and Gnostic one, all from the Free Masons, wishing to initiate a dialogue with representatives of the Church. He had been contacted Bmtarna others, but none of them has dared to venture. On the French Grand Lodge, for example, the things look easier. “These meetings within the framework of our policy of convergence of spiritual forces since 19 60 “. This was announced by “Jean-Louis Mandino,” which was one of the Masons with the three “Henry Tor Nog” Henri Tort – Nougues   and Didier Dumont Didier Dumont   , who conducted the interview with them in the video. And Jean-Louis Mandino is the greatest current professor of the Forum the biggest French and back is worth to Richard Dupuis Ric hard Dupuis   , Michel Parra Michel Barat  who worked a lot of dialogue with religious leaders, especially with the Catholic Church.

But on the day of the press conference was called Monsieur, “Thomas” by the Apostolic Nuncio, who delivered a letter from Cardinal, “Ratsungar” known hostility to Freemasonry asked him to refrain from airing the video. What can be understood from all this? But should not lose hope that the dialogue is a matter of duty that must be liquidated in the skies in the day to serve man and humanity.


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