Summary of Freemason

Summary Freemason

The only purpose of this book is to present a rational and clear, at least we hope, the elements that form the basis for an approach to an understanding of Masonry.

The abbreviations are used in correspondence between Lodge and higher authorities.

It was launched at the end of opening and closing works

The hug is a gesture of brotherhood, one of the most beautiful and richest sense.

The Masonic age corresponds to the rank that each brother hold.

The Masonic alphabet appears on the following tables


Some Rites include the call early in the dress. AL’énoncé their behalf by the Secretary of the brothers get up and start al’ordre except the Venerable and Supervisors.

This is the first Masonic grade. The Apprentice is three years old and sits on the northern column.

Brothers meet the basic structure of the same Lodge to work under the direction of the same venerable master.

Often used as a synonym for Lodge.

In front of the chair of the Venerable is an altar on which are laid the Bible open to the Gospel of St. John and a bracket and a compass that will be placed differently depending on the grade and dress.

The battery immediately preceding the acclamation. It is to clap at a pace dictated by the Rite practiced.

On the altar should be in the Bible open on the first page of the Gospel of St. John. It does not forward the Christian religion, as some seem to want or believe, but it is a beautiful piece of esoteric than many builders of any religion who took the pain and pleasure of reading value at fair value .

Masonic jewelry are six in number. Three are fixed, three are mobile.
The jewels are fixed:
The rough stone, the cubic stone and the floor.

Jewelry mobile:
Bracket: Worshipful Master
Level: 1st Supervisor
Perpendicular: 2nd Monitor.

These elements are called jewels because they are what Masonry is very valuable and is the only company to use initiation.

Cabinet discussion
The firm is a reflection retreat for the candidate for initiation.
It is a dark room furnished with a summary table and chair painted black it is lit by one candle.
It is in the office thought that the candidate drops out metals.

The cane is part of the heritage of the trades.

Held in the first degree ritual dedicating the admission of a candidate.

The chain is the materialization of union solidarity, of brotherhood that binds the Masons.

Middle Chamber
The workshop in the third grade room is the middle or the middle chamber.

Freemasonry gives some meaning to the word
– Columns are rows of glasses on the table Agapes.
– In the temple, the builders are sitting along the coast north and south they form two columns called.

The compass is not only to draw circles, but also to take precise measurements, with all that implies in terms of morals, values ​​refer from one place to another, from a geometric figure to another figure geometry.
Its opening may vary according to the will of the user.

Assembly consisting of 33 Federal Councillors elected for three years for the Convent. The Convent manages the Federal Obedience.

Annual General Meeting of members representing all the Lodges of obedience.

It is obviously a solar symbol, as it announces the break of day, repeated the victory of light over darkness of the night.

He evokes the physical death, it is the symbol of the death of the profane is reborn in real life by initiation.

Delegate of the Lodge at regional and national levels.

The sword is very active in Masonic rites. However, the sword is a symbol of power, action.

Flaming Sword
This is the sword of Venerable. It symbolizes the creative Word, the illuminating force when, for example, during initiation, the Venerable Master laying on the head of the neophyte and hits three times the blade with his mallet.

It is often associated with a compass. Its branches are usually of equal length, except the Venerable, whose branches are in the ratio 3 to 4.

Flaming Star
It is the five-pointed star. It should not be confused, as is sometimes the case with the seal of Solomon.

It represents the insider, the man who found his way and that radiates into the secular world. Some drawings show the Blazing Star decorated with flames. These flames are completely useless. The star shines its own light, it is light.

The fraternal associations are Master Masons of the same profession, the same interests. …

The letter G is placed in the center of the Blazing Star. It means depending on the sensitivity Geometry, Gnosis, Glory, Gravity, God ….

Gans protect the hands from contact with the material too hard, injuries caused by a clumsy mallet. White brings the idea of ​​purity, of innocence, of virginity but also of mourning.
Wearing gloves is mandatory for the outfit.

Each of the successive degrees of the Masonic initiation.

Ritually arranged where local meets the Freemasons and, by extension, all the brothers of a workshop.

The eye symbolizes the knowledge required for any changes. It is interesting to note that this has no eye lids, always alert. It is God’s eye, the eye of the Great Architect who sees all.

All Master Masons who run the lodge.

Rite called all gestures, words, attitudes that make up a Masonic ceremony. There are various rituals and each corresponds to a process of mind, intellect, but also the heart and sensitivity.

The apron dress is a bulwark between the fragments of matter that Mason is being cut and his body.
The deck is to the body as the gloves are to hands. They evoke the desire to work for the Mason, to work on itself, it is an essential attribute of Masonry.

The temple is the room or the lodge meets. The temple is a place dedicated to the gods. The initiation can not be given in the Temple.

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