No secrets in Freemasonry

By the Sovereign Joseph Abu Zahra

No secret in Freemasonry

Prepare the individual for community service

Some might think that the Masonic secret society operating in secret and in isolation from the people has been published, a senior men Mason says that Freemasonry as a secret society kind of falsehoods published by the reactionary parties in the fight against a group of villas renewal, progress and advancement.

The Freemasonry not the Association of confidentiality and imagine and pretend, and it is impossible to be so, men workers are known, and her two daughters built in the largest districts frequented by people of all classes, and systems and by hard find in other bookstores and easy for you to keep them, or at least accessible, and decisions of the Lodges Announces produce its effect in every day, show her great virtues in the service of humanity by seeking to demolish the continuing differences between people and their liberation from all bondage.

I do not deny that Freemasonry originated confidential and that the first two of its members were forced to meet in secret. The meetings were deprived of their liberty and dangerous bodies authoritarian, which controlled the peoples such as the nineteenth century, but the Masons fought great for the Liberation of peoples, and when he won the freedom of assembly and all kinds of freedoms, the Constitutional Assembly, it became pointless to bear the Masons pressure of the hidden life, and since the century nineteenth-Masonic lodges began to emerge into the open.

And of course there are secrets of Freemasonry may be hidden on the Masons themselves, and the reason for this is that Freemasonry is founded on the teachings, not the latter meaning is revealed to those who enter these symbols in Freemasonry, but as step by step maturation of the mind and the progress of thought.

The Freemasonry if, not as some fancy charity, the Free Masons are in fact acts of charity and large-scale means many different purposes.

Also, and that Freemasonry is not a Society cooperative, but the Masonic duty collaboration and synergy, as that they presumably sacred to base their brother and support at his distress and leave it alone unarmed in front of a lifetime, but this cooperation is not of purposes the core of Freemasonry, but it is through the natural solidarity between members of the clan basis love humanitarian and the payment of evils, ignorance and aggression, injustice and exclusion.

The initial objectives of Freemasonry

Masonry work to prepare the individual to be a good person in the service center where he lives and humanity as a whole, and begin editing the mind of the individual and the illusions and myths attached to it by the act of raising the center of social incomplete or late.

Continues its quest to organize its efforts to become a soldier understands the advantage of optional obedience and cooperative methods of humanity, then commander of the organized rows and director of the movements of groups driven on the road to , to do good and help humans.

It is all of the above, it is clear that the purpose of Freemasonry is the first, is to educate and refine the thought of self, love of people for each other and stay away from evil and forbid what is evil.

They also refuse unreasonable, and include at the same time queens of self in all its various manifestations, including Queen of thinking, scientific thinking, its means of modern, do not think the sterile founder of the things and the origins of a fake considers human truism is not because the criticism, less damage caused to humans from This kind of thinking made him late to the gradient of these assets to a sterile secondary issues affecting a bad effect in the Queen of thinking and working life, the mind may be unable to get rid of the specter of those first principles that have entered into his mind without thinking or scrutiny.

And also include the Queen will, the Freemasonry seek in breeding as a feature of the features of personal humanity liberated, and Masonic estimated the owners of strong will, as it recognizes the risk of passive, who comes of them damage eloquent when panned to their will, the delusions of a corrupt lead them with the tide of evil, the will need to raise no less difficult for the upbringing of thought.

As well as seeking Freemasonry in breeding queen passion, the mind alone is unable to pay the rights to work, you must be a reason coupled with the passion which is the first mover of the will, if the passion honest, pay humans to the good work, but if panned on human emotion decadent phlegmatic , shot down by some degree of ignorance and decay.

In the sense of love and virtue

The sense is the engine that affect the rights, it is inclinations and regulates the ethics the Freemasonry does not address the mind devoid of feeling, but rather seeks to sow the seeds of honor and virtue, and push people toward righteousness and raise trust and emotions of pride and magnanimity, and is a Masonic love Sharif basis of virtue, as it is in the nature attraction between the atoms that move, and there including the types of simple life and grow into  approach objects.

And love – or gravity in the terminology of scientific –   linking the celestial bodies, and regulates the movements minute beautiful is the secret of happiness and happiness, cleanse the hearts and there is a virtue and a sense of orientation to the kinds of art, if the disappearance of pure love, there have been evil and there was corruption, and deceive the people and engaged in gun battles peoples and used brains and science of the damage and abuse, control the strong and take advantage of the weak, without being held weight with the principles and justice, should be the rights that can be of the same, the love of the same, the love of his family, the love of his homeland, the love of humanity and morality of the High Commissioner, integrity and pride, honesty, and support the weak, and resistance to abuse.

Freemasonry in the through social influence, is to encourage the active development of the system, coupled with persistence and perseverance, and in this way reasonable to collide with the Masonic bitter rivals:

First, the freeze political reactionaries resist all progress, and they do not feel the movement of meeting the continuing growth and stand for the sake of their ambitions and their goals at the end systems obsolete senescent see from their interest stick to it to save their personal prestige and greatness and privileges, and their weapons, traditions and customs, money, and they hate the Masons to spread in different circles and the power of influence in the depths of hearts. Understanding of wielding weapons of error, lies, slander and hypocrisy to show that the facts spotless days that vanish the vanities.

And discount the second of Freemasonry, they are extremists, revolutionaries, they do not dream, and enjoy its them not to ignite the fire of the revolution, and the demolition of the existing systems, it is to think about their results and may be repaired and avoid that which is drawn from the bloodshed and sacrifice of the moderates and the wise and innocent, and control wasteful in false promises, and risk vitality of the people, and a retreat in the end systems to the most reactionary regimes wrath on them.

the Freemasonry, urging its members to take the path of reform and moderation between reactionaries and revolutionaries, and this is a natural way, nature is not known to stand, and every stop in nature, meaning death.

And individual rights in his life, a part of nature belonging to the strict laws, if organized turned suddenly, society balance of chaos and hit him, stopped as if his laws for growth and promotion according to the requirements of time, the meeting was delayed and degraded elements of living.


Different tendencies

There are different tendencies between the Freemasons, may conclude from this statement that the Masons do not agree among themselves on the correct definition of Freemasonry.

We are not keeping secret if I said that there was a difference in trend between the lodges, but the original one does not change. The reason for the dispute, that the Masonic humanitarian situation, continued the development of all the humanitarian situation, there are different ways as he is mentioned and the different sunrise and the result is known only to God.

But what we believe, is that Freemasonry is necessary for the desires of the community, and we consider the connection between the ancient and the modern revolutionary dry. They list as long as people are freeze, looking back not moving and revolutionaries jumping forward leaps continuous fast, and can be dangerous for the jumpers and the society, and you are to realize the impact of these different trends in the works of the priest, “Oliver”, which is very different from the tendency of Voltaire, who does not care to be believed by any doctrine, and the tendency to “Hlvicius” a physical philosophers, materialists (which is reconciled as Anderson said year 1723) between the Brotherhood of different races and tendencies and doctrines, and that Freemasonry strives to have its members men of good, so are striving to be the workers faithful to their religion.

The writer says (Emile Daarota):

The Masonic era among the nations in righteousness and progress, based on love of truth, justice and the recognition of the laws of progress working for humanity and the principles of liberty, equality and brotherhood, and mutual respect psychological links between people and solidarity of the social researcher and the truth of science and art and create a purpose to reach the truth and goodness and beauty, and dissemination among people with improve their literary and social development.

That Freemasonry is the freedom to believe, right absolute for man used no more and no less, as it does not look to the creed nor the nationality of its members or layers of social, and the name of God creative universe is the greatest, declares recognition of the original, the first of the objects, leaving it to its members complete freedom to think and adapt the nature of this the original one.

There is Masons they allow research philosophical, historical and scientific absolute legalization as long as their research is far from all the partisan trend?

Said, “Oswald Wirth,” the heads of lodges used to question their visitor :

Where are you coming from? This question is not taken to the phenomenon, but must be seen as meaning hidden: must be a novice in Freemasonry, to know the origin of man, and express that place he went, must also workable to know what is human and nature, and the professor knows the fate of rights and an end.

These matters philosophical scientific and religious, have tended that way, brother, “Joe West” in his book about the history of the Middle greatest French, and knew Freemasonry by saying that the purpose of Freemasonry improve the situation of human moral and material principle is the recognition of the laws of progress and humanitarian rules philosophical Judge tolerance and brotherhood, freedom and equality, without regard to the faith of the doctrinal and national differences, or social benefits, which is not a group of secret they announce where the non-persecuted, their laws and systems, and trends and their business and the names of its members, and the date and place of their meeting was taken “Joe West” theory of the Grand Lodge Dutch argument that the symbols and their interpretation is the only thing secret in Freemasonry .

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