Is Masonry is an atheist and therefore suppress religion?

By the Sovereign Joseph Abu Zahra


Is an atheist and therefore cancel religions

Some of what you wrote about:

What is the position of the Masonic religions?

Christianity and Islam does not recognize and believe in the Messengers and the scriptures only?

Or is it only condemns Judaism? The researchers asserted to confirm:

“Freemasonry is not only a denial of the essence of religion and the existence of God said the Masons, but they meant by that the nature.

it is material forces, or making God and man as something one “.

Consistent in the Masonic atheism and blasphemy against God, though some of the lodges and structures vary and diverge in the fact that belief. That some of the lodges is calling “God” “Adoniram” If some people have reached the third degree, the degree of  the master revealed to him the secret of this name, saying to him: you know that “Adoniram” in the doctrine of the Masons is:

“Isis” god of the ancient Egyptians

“Mitra” god of the Persians

“Bacchus”   the God of the Romans, or one of multiple gods who were in upon a time, representing the sun or moon or stars or planets or some of the jenny.

Then comes the Durar to complement the Presto : “There are some lodges who are loyal to the devil and take a God other than the God Itself, and governed in its affairs and engage him in their work.”

But they reconsider and explain that: “The Masons did not say to worship the devil, but they communicate among themselves and they claim to worship it in their letters and their books and lodges”

The conclusion comes to:

“The name of their God does not have a special name he is called the great architect of the universe, it means who works on the compass and loves all the free people.

These few lines summarizing the contents of a title for six hundred books found in the libraries and in the Arabic language:

“Freemasonry atheist.”

That is the tone that echoed by many are they aware of the meaning of the noble verse:

“If the light is a darkness than the Darkness how much and how often.”

Author    J . Galiffe BG   in the book La chaine Symbolique  says:

First article: Only the divine has your dedication. Worship this being the Almighty, who created the universe by His will and keep it constant to his work that fills your heart, but with your limited mind you can not imagine it or specify it.

I pity the vague, which turn a blind eye to the light and walking in the maze of unseen dark matter.

Let your heart who is full of your God giving all the paths that descent the mind when he is away from the river.

Raise yourself above all that is material and look to the peaks, where lies heritage and your country.

Made sacrifices for the Lord by giving your pride and desires, to be eligible for temptations and to respect his laws for the duration of your life, to be an admirer of your Lord here where lies your happiness and let your goal to reunite always with him.  You the weak man do you dare to look to him and you are in every moment in contrary to his orders and insults his sacredness? What will come to you without his paternal and eternal love to you?

Where you will find a steady future if you surrendered to the lost? Is your salvation, without the God’s justice?

In all that works, and without malice or elusive make from the piety a light and without races. Use the rites of virtue and morality that imposed on you and you will get the love and the grace of the Almighty.

The charity and love are the bases of religions, admit to it from wide doors. Be mercy to all wrong without persecution them and let God convict them, dear Masons the sons of one God,who share one faith, let this Assembly uniting our brothers without any question.

The atheist says he believes in freedom of thought, better to him to say that he believes in the freedom of atheist, the atheism is to deny the existence of God, but this denial is the denial of the facts and scientific nature that show that he is behind all the creatures, A creator who push it to grow and to progress. Also the logic rejects the existence of the objects, without any reason beyond its existence.

That atheism can not prove the existence of the universe by itself, how can they prove that God does not exist? Atheism, is designed to evade duties towards the Creator Spirit, it aims to attach to the material and physical things , which result whims and desires, without bearing any responsibility imposed by law and justice in this regard. In other words, atheism, wanting freedom from subordination of God, in order to have the moral and social chaos that he can not live but only in the framework.

Accordingly, Atheism is not based on clarity of thought and right opinion, the strength of proof, the health of the test, and the depth of knowledge in science and, confronted by faith in God.

Atheism is a challenge to the fact of life , and originality of man, and the sanctity of the soul. He jumped on the high ideals, divine good and divine teachings. But atheism, has no argument and has no logic, in every challenge and deny. It acknowledges the truth, in the irrefutable truth, because the evidence of the denial of thing is a prove the not exist.

The overall absolute truth is the God, in his oneness and perfection and immortality.

Atheism is a challenge to the logic and wisdom and knowledge. It is a superficial opinion issued by a superficial thought. While the faith is in the depth of the soul, involves the authenticity of the spiritual entity which nearly man to God.

Atheism is an distortion of faith and facts. He can not deny the original. Denying the reason is denying the cause, and denying the soul is denying the article.

He rejects, and oppose, criticize, and destroy, but can not fix and build, because his is prisoner of his empties..

Atheism is resisting the concept of personal responsibility, he destroy the happiness of the individual, and destroys the integrity of society and dignity.

It is an empties that fill in the soul the depression and despair. While the faith in God gives the strength and the will to achieve a decent easy life , and gives him the hope and the hope of a better tomorrow based on the solid foundation of knowledge and morality, he is assured of progress and prosperity. We have admitted a healthy mind and correct logic and the fact the existence of God Almighty. And the principle of causality says:

That each creature has a creator. The Creator of the universe is the God Almighty. He is the absolute perfection. As for the science, too, as it is based on concrete reasons and ends to clear results, it recognizes the existence of super-power that created the universe, Which is The God Almighty.

Thus, the creation of the universe by chance is impossible, it is impossible for sure.

All that is in pointing out clearly to the existence of the will and wisdom in its composition. This wisdom, and this will, fully to the great Creator, who is no limit to his ability, the God Almighty.

Human being connot, which is limited, be aware of the secret of unlimited existence. He can gather, coordinate, try and discovers, By his ways. But he is not able to create, because the means of creation is to do it from scratch. That is the attributes of God alone. The universe and the verses of God, speaks that he is the Creator. And the nature, as it always go according to the system of God and his will, showing the greatness of the Creator and his ability and wisdom.

This calls for a confirmation, that there are secrets lurking in the universe, one can not be aware of, nor science can be discovered. The secrets of the universe in front of ideas fail, and fail to be understand by the minds.

Whatever rules of science has been grown and intensified his experiments, and how much the perception of the human matured, and his prospects opened, it  both activity remains limited in front of the magnificence of the universe and its secrets.

Masonic briefed in expression, is a summary of the social philosophy, which can be imagined by thought, upscale abstract. One of its advantages, is maintaining the integrity of spiritual, moral, and that the major advantage, stay away from religious and political bickering, because it does not end the hassle, but it only leed to hate and fueling its flames …

If we are disregarding of Freemasonry,and its historical traditions, we were able to find one thousandth dye and pigment is the first comprehensive, the symbol of greatness and glory …

We may say it’s a Jewish and let that point to those driving on the argument in this regard, it is the argument of the Torah, but the Torah support here is an important historical destination which tells us on the basis of this Assembly and old is she.

We may say: It’s a Christian, because it urges peace and gentleness and love, and all that came by the Christian religion of the verses of tolerance and gentleness …

We can also say: it’s Muhammadiyah, because in all it wills and philosophy order to do the good and prohibit any evil act and require for entrants in its pursued, all virtue and honor …

The Masonic process, may be the result of the priests of the PHARON, or are the myths of the gods of Greece, or spirit of the divine Phoenicians, or originated in the building of the Temple of Solomon, Its history may be blur, in view of the extension of the powers of the builders, in the old section of the globe, this in spite of persecution who found that in the dark ages.

Its history on the reasonable face , means the symbolique Freemasonry, due to the era of Abraham (1996-1821 BC). who build the builders association of workers, and order it to demolished the statues of the Gentiles, and the Ibrahimeya Assembly was combined with corporate with him.

Does not Ibrahim Abu Al Bashar, the friend of God?

The ways of Freemasonry, was families of workers’ constructive scattered in every nation, governed by the authorities of governor, and then it evolved with the times, untill scientists and doctors and governors has involved in it, and almost turning them from building and construction, to demolition and destruction, but its leaders were men of morals, knowledge and incomprehensible …

Some follow the destructive conflicts, and they were of the wicked …

The deviant from the pave of construction, were cruel heart skeptical and do not believe in something, such as those, the enemies of the light, those who do that in order to corrupt the doctrine, orhas a twisted idea. It include: ROMANIAN, Zionism, communism, fascism and Nazism.

And if morality is based on the look of the existence came from the following question about men: the meaning of life, value and purpose, religion can not be considered without the foundation of this kind of question. But the main difference between a religious outlook, and any others look to the world, and any such fact as part of a universal truth is the truth of all truths.

This means that each individual has its “natural” religion  it means innate, that is mental, which arises out of that inspired beliefs and religion, sometimes to the side or independence sometimes. The religions recognize this revelation of religion, but it considers them essential. Christian says, like St. Paul says: “The law of nations that do not have a law is a law to itself, because God digged its laws in the issuance of all people.”

The Islam say is the religion of FOTRA, means that the natural tendency of human religion, to know God and what follows from this that religion is a natural basis for the acceptance of revealed religion.

The Masons are not like other spiritual beliefs that we know in the Orient and Morocco, any set of beliefs “Dogmas ”  who does not believe in all of them can not be waiting for salvation.

Freemasonry is a way of living and a general trend in the thinking and belief.

“The Freemason belief if was indeed in the concept that we we envision, it  would evolve through history by always pruned himself, or stamped every doctrine and test the under Islamic rule, as it happen in the Islamic East and in the West, but that these doctrines grew, and reflected these tests and has been living from Freemasonry that stuck itself in the trunk for leaves.

The blasphemy and heresy, blasphemy and heresy and other expressions are not been listened.

Freemasonry is not a religions due to the following reasons:

A – It is a man-made, while religion is called divine or heavenly to indicate it’s not of his making.

B – The religious issues are fixed, do not change but it change people’s attitudes toward it, as for the Masonic issues they are subject to change constantly.

C – The religion imposes on the mind as the facts of their issues, while the Freemasonry issues are called proposals and put before the free mind  to think about it.

D -The religion puts for man limits to prevent him from crossing,but the Freemasonry do not put any borders between religions, and it considers them an integrated result.

– The reason for this privilege enjoyed by the Masons is not due because they are specified from the other nations and peoples.

This means that no grounds for saying of Freemasonry miracle , it is not a miracle or a extraordinary phenomenon.

But are the result of ideas went through several stages of interaction and cross-fertilization and evolution.

It was made by crafts and meditation untill this idea come to the light in the wonderful human being mind.

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