Global Freemasonry and its principles

By the sovereign Joseph Abou Zahra

The Masonic system is a dedicatory traditional and universal based on brotherhood.

It unite free men with good morals under one union, from of all races, all nationalities and all faiths.

The goal of Freemasonry is to delivery the humanitarian to perfection.

That is why the Mason works for the steady progress of humanity, to the mental and spiritual level as well as on the physical level.

The Mason are all brothers, and they help each other regardless of the risks, and rise up to help all needy people.

In  their continuing search for the truth and real justice, the Mason is not satisfy to stand at any hindrance and will not hesitate to skip beyond the border to do so.

They respect the thoughts and opinions of others and the freedom of their expression , and trying to reconcile the different views, and bring the rights of his fellow man no matter how far their beliefs, they envisage unification of humanity in trying to apply the universal idea in the framework that preserves the distinctive character of each human being.

They considered the work is a right and a duty of everyone.

The Mason has to respect the laws and the legal system of the state to which they belong, where they meet and live freely.

They are good and lawful citizens, and they behave according to their conscience.

In their way of practicing the freemasonry they respect the traditions of the old traditional obligations.

The Mason get to know each other by using special words and signs according to the traditional ritual practice in their lodges through their ritual devotion.

These signs and words and touches are the same as the rituals and symbols, subject to the confidentiality and secrecy and given only to those who had attributes and qualities which enables him to obtain them.

Each Mason has the freedom or not to mention his affiliation to Freemasonry, but is not entitled to name any other Mason.

Place where the Mason meets to conduct their work is called lodge.

Each lodge is subject in its management and affairs to what is agreed upon by the majority of master Mason in a committed meeting, that does not contradict any of it with any of the teachings of the Masonic obligations or the laws and regulations of the Grand Lodge they work under its jurisdiction.

The lodges meets under the banner of the grand lodge, and the Grand Lodge is the national authority, independent and protector of tradition, which dates its sole management of the three grades is: Apprentice, Follow craft and Master.

The grand lodges are controlled and administered in accordance with the principles of traditional and international systems, their constitutions and laws are governed according and within the framework of these principles.

They respect the sovereignty and freedom of other Masonic authorities and does not interfere in their internal affairs, and also establish good and fraternal relations with each other, and aimed to consolidate and strengthen the cohesion of this global system.

The grand lodges refrain from giving patent to other lodges in another country , unless there is an absence of a Masonic authority in those regions and countries.

The grand lodges has the absolute freedom to enter into brotherhoodt reaties and charters  between them, but they do not recognize any higher authority thanits own Masonic authority, whether national or global.

The grand lodges does not recognize but only its constitution, its laws, and their Interior regulation , and they exercise their full sovereignty. Thus, all the Masonic Lodges are organized under the long-standing obligations and it may be lost without her own Masonic personal  freedom, in order to prevail among all the Mason, love, harmony and union.

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