Freemasonry published religious principles and moral

By Sovereign Joseph Abu Zahra

Masonic principles published

Religious and literary And «brothers»

Gathered in monasteries under the chairmanship of a «Venerable»

500 m years. Some who stayed in Rome from the builders, they organized themselves again. Then he followed them who was in the «heavy» and took in the destruction of pagan structures and building structures of Christianity and they enjoy all the privileges of the old.

As for the Freemasons who moved to Syria and set up their, they start to built luxury buildings,  and  their prominence expanded until it reached the ears of the family Sasanian in Persia, they choose part of them to build strongholds and temples and statues on the new style which combine from mixing the Roman style and Greek and Byzantine periods in the year 530AD

Year 550 AD. The emperor Justinian the first in Constantinople, ordered  some of the Free Masons to rebuild the Church «Hagia Sophia» after exposure to a huge fire (It is known that this church has turned into a mosque after the fall of the Islamic Constantinople by Mohamad II the title of the conqueror year 1453).

From the COSTANTINIE group of the builders spread to the rest of Italy, Sardinia, Sicily and part of Africa where they build temples such as Christian Church as «Hagia Sophia» and spread the principles of this religion among the people.

In year 726 AD many buildings has been removed in the reign of emperors Alaakonuklastien year.

«It is well known that those who ordered to burn or destroy all the Byzantine icons, they called Pallaikonuklastien».

In the year 557 AD. the Masonic priest Austin came to England to preach Christianity in these parts of the country, he headed the Masonic party and worked with them to spread their teachings so that the Assembly will be flourished in England.

Year AD 580. many of the builders Left Rome and intended Britain  to contribute to the construction of buildings, which were required by the country to spread the Christianity.

In the year 602 AD. Two Christian church founded, Canterbury and Rochester in England.

In year 604 AD. Founded the Church of St. Paul’s in London, one of the greatest churches frequented by tourists from all over the world.

This famous church was known by its growth which may accommodate ten thousand people seated.

In the year 610 AD. Priest Austin died and he was inspector-general of the Free Masons. Then became known as Saint Augustine.

In year 620 AD. The Freemason increased its interest in religious matters. Cellar and titles by different places in which they reside They were known in Italy by schools engineers or builders, or fraternal association or free inks. In Britain, they were dubbed freemasons Liberal, referring to the concessions that were given to them. This was the association is working hand in hand in the dissemination of religious and moral principles and they gather in monasteries headed by the clergy. Since then, added to the name of the lodge the word «decent» is a common AKLIRIKI title.  The Freemasons still to this day call the President of the Masonic lodge brother (Venerable Brother). The monasteries Masons shelter in cases of the disorder. He was joined by many of the monks and priests. And famous, including many subsequently became known titles of holiness and continues to make them worship even today. Global and either of the brothers They were working to build the temples.

In the year 680 AD. Liberal Masons in Bertania after the death of Austin are still without a president so king Morris, who was one of the greatest supporters of Freemasonry named their father «Wirral» Inspector General.

In the era of the Caliphs

The categories of freemasons who came from East was among them  a group  from ALCONTANTINE has won wide acclaim. He was invited by the kings of Persia and Arabia and Syria to build strongholds and temples. Has been hired by Waleed bin Abdul Malik

(Year 88 for Migration) to build temples in the city, Damascus and Jerusalem was mentioned in the history of Iben Khaldun describes the construction of a mosque as saying the city in the emirate of Omar bin Abdul Aziz.

Then wrote to him (to Omar bin Abdul Aziz) in years eight to enter the stone mothers of the builders in the mosque and buy the surrounding, than to make it two hundred arm measure, and who will refuse to give you his property pay him as much as he wants and than dstroy their properties, you look loke Omar and Othman.

Than Al Walid sent to the king of the Romans in Al Constantine that he wants to build a mosque, so he sent him the King of Byzantium one hundred thousand of weight of gold and one hundred laborers and forty lamb of mosaics and sent it all to Omar bin Abdul Aziz and start building it. So did when building the mosques of Damascus and Jerusalem.

Brothers builders associations remained Liberal widen in Scotland and dearly until the end of the seventh generation to the days of Islamic conquest 718 years AD. It weakened and when the Abbasid era comes and built the capital of Baghdad, it has flourished especially in the construction industry and if the Masons moved in the same century Europe after the Islamic civilization. The number of builders associations in Syria, Iraq and Arab countries. Enrolled in and pursued by many scientists and scholars and princes.

Baghdad building

It has been mentioned in the history on how Baghdad has been build, «I Mansour» wrote to Damascus and the mountain and the center of Kufa and Basra in the meaning of the enforcement of craftsmen and laborers. And ordered to choose the people with virtue and justice and jurisprudence. And ordered to choose the people with honesty and knowledge engineering. Who was brought to the pilgrims I’m Artah and Abu Hanifa. Fajtt and ordered the city and dig the foundation and hit the milk and cook the cement … And hired all four of the chief commanders of each quarter and hired Aba Hanifa.

It is known that the builders if they agreed to build a town or a fence or temple to make their homes of wood next to the building, so they live to eat and rest down, and hold the secret meetings and pay the workers etc.. They did not allowed anyone to enter to see their work untill the construction has been done and each one have his wage.

It was stated by Iben El Athir: « The messenger of the Romanian King came to the city of Baghdad, he show him around the city and asked him how he found it, he said I saw a good building but I saw your enemy among them. When the messenger return home, he ordered to throw them out because maybe there is spies among them. The Master Mason work his day for one silver OZ and the ROZKARI for two.

Al ROZKARI is a Persian word it is found in the Persian dictionary as «Rozakar» meaning «Alrozakara» meaning minimum time or the world or divination. According to that it is meaning is «global» or «temporal», it is a title intended to «general people who are not priests».

The use of this word in the gallery to talk about builders, the public benefit from it who are not brother Mason.  The freemasons till this day calls who is not in their association, a foreigner. It may come to mind that the ROZKARIAN are members of a secret society like the Freemasonry, in that era lot of common relations was between her and the freemasonry and this association called AL ROZIKROSIAN.

What occurs to the pronunciation is the moving from one language to another. Among them was many members from the  Eastern such as, Al-Farabi, who was known for his holy hometown. the famous astronomer Fadl ibn Sahl and Khalid Bermk and Morayani and others.

Therefore, we conclude that the masons who built the city of Baghdad were the brothers of the Free Masons, who were deployed in the far East as we said.

in year 775 the construction industry has moved to Andalusia, living under Islamic rule and when Abdul Rahman, first opened Cordoba and make it his prestigious, he sent to the eastern regions, especially Baghdad asking the builders to build this city. He build multiple buildings, including mosques and forts have been taken mainly the form of construction Constantinople. And set up schools for the builders while preserving their money from the rights and privileges. Cordoba was famous after that for science and industry, especially the construction industry. And used to get students from all over the world to acquire science and crafts.

In France

The Freemasonry spread in France in 780 in the days of Charlemagne, who was activated for science, industry, virtue and the builders  under his rule was called « stones Gravers» they rebuilt many structures and statues that were demolished due to attacks by tribes Aldanoa.

In Britain

The industry flourished in Britain in 875 AD. In the days of Alfred one of the bigest kings of the Saxons.

In year 900 AD. king Edward  of the Saxons Recommended that «AfterAlfredl» his kingdom is to be moved after him for his brother and his brother-in law because they are  familiar with the construction industry. They are brothers of the Free Masons, they are even from the seniors.

As year 925 Ad comes every city in England had a Freemasons school. But the continuing divisions and rivalries led to frequent civil wars. What the freemasons lost in that era what was kept in their offices. They have lost all burned during the wars with Aldanoa.  among the members of the Masonic was Awleston grandson of Alfred the great. As he rose in degrees. And worked to upgrade his son «Addon» until he finaly was elected Grand Master. Also Addon had a big degree in the freemason because he had gathered all the left papers in what concern the freemason and he gathered all the Venerable Master from all over the world to reunite them under one jurisdiction.

This conference gathered in year 926 AD.  under the chairmanship of Addon and wrote a list based on what was their Masonic papers. York City became the center of the world English Freemason free and reference lodges in general. The invited list developed by the conference «the list of York» and snap it then King Henry VI. Here is the text of the basic materials of that list:

1 – the first to rid your duties in respect for God and follow the laws of Noah

«Some think that Noah is the first to develop the laws of Freemasonry» because they are divine laws that all human beings            must follow them, according to that the corrupted lessons should be withdraw so it will not stand in the way of God.

2 – Be faithful to your Emperor and bow to the orders of your rulers where they exist. Do not betray them and if you know someone who does that, you tell the judiciary.

3 – Be useful to all those who are around you and stress with them the bonds of love, loyalty and honesty regardless of their religious beliefs.

4 – Be loyal to your brother Freemason, and teach him and help him in his craft and do not attempt to hurt him and treat him as you want others to treat you. If you saw your brother distorted advise him and also listen to his advise and take advantage of his comments.

5 – Regularly attend the meetings of the lodges and help in the search in the works of your brothers. And  keep the secrets from those who are not of the Brotherhood.

6 – honesty is obligatory for every brother because without them and without integrity they are not brothers.

7 – Do your duties, and do not do something that demeaning the Freemasonry.

8 – The teachers has to be qualified and to see that their wages are moderate enough to their needs.

9 – No one should seek to misappropriation of the work of others, but in the event of incompetence.

10 – It is not permited to any of the Master to accept any application from a foreigners before seven year of waiting and do not give him the secrets of the freemasonry untill he get the approval of other brothers.

11 – The Master may not accept any member if the student is not free and of good well, with good health.

12 – The Mason may not taunts his brother in his work, but only if he hold a higher rank in Freemasonry.

13 – If the Venerable Master advise one of the Master or one of the Master advise one of the fellowcraft, so he should listen to them.

14 – The Masons should listen to their superiors and do what they are asked to do with dignity and proud.

15 – The Masons should welcome the comrades who comes from distant lands after giving them the Masonic sign. And focus on their interests and help all the brothers when they know that they are on need.

16 – The brother Masons should be careful not to let anyone to enter the lodge if he is not a Mason so he do not steel the work and the secrets.

The brothers Mason has the right to add the appropriate rules after the approval of the Venerable Masters of the lodges.

    Global spread

FraThe brotherhood start to spread from England to Europe and throughout the East. In the year 930 AD. King Henry I of Germania send a group of freemason upon the request of England in order to build a great church among them MEKDEMBERG and others.

In the year 936 AD. Upon the order of prince Abdelrahman the freemasons start to build the royal great palace in Spain, it was a building based on four thousand and three hundred a column of f marble. After the death of King Adleston year 960 AD the spread of many freemasons start and dispersed from England. The ruling period of Edgard passed which did not produce any work, at that time it was under Danstan the Patriarch  of Canterbury  of which then became St. Danstan. A large group of freemasons went to Germany and settled there under the name of the Order of St. John.

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