Greetings and appreciation to the leader Antoine Saade

In recent times, many people spoke about the life of the late leader Antoine Saade. . .

Many wondered whether he belonged to Freemasonry?

How much does it have to do with it?

Did he issue a memorandum forbidding members of the Syrian Social Nationalist Party to join the Freemasonry?

We apologize in advance to the people who will be upset by the publication of this letter in the book of the full effects part I (letters), which reads:

To the President of the Lodge members of Najma (star) of Syria

Honorable President of the Lodge of the Distinguished Najma Syria and its respected members

Dear brothers :

      A triangular fraternal greeting to you. After that, the end of each year a dividing line between the era of a particular past has become part of the history that can no longer be changed, and a future era we can imagine perceptions vary according to theories, but remains subject to development according to certain situations and procedures, including what is intended and most important, It is unintended uninterested and is also important, and philosophers say that the lesson of the past greatly influences the development of the future, so it created the science of history which is at the forefront of science very important in the lives of human beings, and who study history well benefit greatly, I mean the context of this The theme is to make my farewell speech to the Star of Su Hey, a speech filled with sincerity, love and interest, these three descriptions are what promised myself in the principle of the Liberal Builders Service and this lodge revered and distinguished

      The lesson of the past has a great influence on the development of the future, and the study of the past should not be confined to the recent past, but must deal with the distant past in order to be useful. The thinking of the last year of this lodge leads us to think about the years that have passed in this lodge Which has been followed by the Free Builders Association since its inception. When we did this and studied the past well, we realized things and facts we can not understand if we were limited to interest in current affairs of local or local When we studied the history of the Association of free builders well we could extract from him the following basic rules or rules:

       First, the Association of Free Builders is an association established for the free thinkers of the world and intended to liberate peoples from the chains of tyranny and enslavement, free the human mind from the bondage of illusions and superstitions and control, The national campaign on illusions and superstitions, and other world-wide witness to the second section and the works of the Assembly in this countless way so added to the Association of Freemasons the word school.

       Second, the implementation of the purpose of the Assembly requires four things, namely, political, science, economy and war. History tells us that the Assembly was implementing its purposes through these four characteristics.

       Thirdly, to do what the Free Builders Association has set out to rely on force, and the force that should not be understood in its simple sense, it deals with both physical and mental strength.

      Fourth: The Lodge of the Free Builders Association is the strength of the actual assembly, and the responsibility entrusted to it is large and important.

       5 – The growth of the Free Builders Association and its ramifications throughout the world has given the independence of its major sections almost complete independence, and each of these sections went to work in the circle in which they live and grow, so we see the Association of the French Free Builders interested in France before all other countries, America cares about America first, and so on.

      Sixthly, it is very regrettable that the Syrian Lodges have not yet been able to unite themselves in an independent east, in accordance with the natural rule of other nationalities.

      Seventh: The non-unification of Syrian lodges is a blatant mistake which must be accelerated quickly and promptly.

      VIII. Since Freedom was the first of the principles of the Association of the Holy Free Builders, it was the duty of the lodge s to work for freedom, and the places of work of the lodge s and their homelands because the work is easier and required than others, and the Syrian lodge s must follow this natural theory as well.

      9 – Many lodges in the world neglected the responsibility entrusted to them and included among its members who are not eligible to engage in the line of the holy clan was the result of failure in its sacred mission and in this serious error, the danger that caused many Syrian lodges.

       X. The work of the spirit of the principle of the Free Builders Association is always and always obligatory, and the restriction of rituals and traditions only means degeneration.

      These are the things that we extract and are interested in extracting from history, and they bear a long lesson is not appropriate and what is important now is to know what is the center of the lodge of the Najma Syria for advanced things, every member of the lodge Najma Syria must understand these rules and know and know the proportion of his work And served his lodge to it.

      The purpose of opening the topic is to benefit the lodge of Syria, which I was honored to be one of its members, and who recently honored me with the functions of its secretary, despite the fact that I am the least qualified member of it. I see the duty to leave the ostrich’s philosophy. The hunter and the acknowledgment of reality.

The fact that I am at the secretariat of the lodge allows me to say that the Star of Syria lodge has done good charitable work and thought about useful projects, but it did not address the issue of the basic principle of the Assembly and work towards it. I can now say that all attempts to induce the lodge to intervene in the The freedom of our homeland ended in failure, and the last such attempt was the attempt to hold a general conference for the free Syrian builders in Brazil. When the conference was held time after time, all efforts failed to implement that decision

      The work in the national cause is what hastened my joining the lodge of the Star of Syria, which hastened the accession of many others but the logic used in this lodge is the divergence from politics has eliminated our greatest hopes and it is strange that logic that failed in the issue of consensus completely Here’s an example:

In the first session he attended in this lodge, he gave us a speech describing Syria’s bad situation, especially the situation of the free masons there, and we expected this description as a logical result. The brothers discussed solidarity in order to help our brothers in Syria, The result was quite the opposite.

The Honorable President (Dr. Khalil Saade) stated in his farewell book at the previous session that if the lodge sees that the lack of interference in politics guarantees its existence, it is better that the lodge does not interfere in politics. I am one of those who agree with the words of the respected president and recognize his wisdom.

      However, because I was a politician first of all, I had gone to politics outside the lodge, and the political work had recently been on the rise until it took almost my entire time, so I think the situation forced me to ask for exemption from every post in the forum and from the membership of the forum Also, I hope that the forum will answer me in particular, and that from now on I will be increasing the number only, because the work that I can not do and for which all this period has remained silent and patient, the Forum does not need it.

      I would like to announce to this honorable lodge that my withdrawal from membership is not a sign of dissatisfaction or problems, but the fact that I am very sorry to have to leave the forum of the star of Syria, which does not regret the existence of the circumstances that led me to it.

      In the Star of Syria lodge, I found among my loyal brothers, I felt like they were real brothers to me, and my special hope was to look at my shortcomings and my eyes with a dream and always remember that I am a human being, not a God.

       Dear Brothers:

I am sure I will leave the lodge of the star of Syria carrying its members in my heart very beautiful memorabilia is the memorabilia of true brothers and true love, I will not forget the lodge of the star of Syria Vlihi star league Syria and Lehi brothers the lodge of the star of Syria.

São Paulo on 24 May 1926


Antoine Saade

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