Freemasonry is not Israeli

Writen by the V.M. Fouad Faddoul

There is no doubt that the art of building is the first art of the human being, that he learned and developed, and that was since the human being knew other arts because he developed it according to its needs

The hard natural factors, the prey animals, and all that surrounded him and scared him, gave him a push to devise a way to protect himself from destruction.

It is an art, because even building huts, was an art by itself an art.

The concentration of the hut was not easy for the human, to keep it still standing against the storms and hurricanes, and devastating natural factors.

And it is a civilization, because the art of building huts evolution the art to building cathedrals and castles, palaces, pyramids and towers, it still evolving with the times to the our present day. It create the architect and the construction and the worker, that has become freemason – a category – it developed to be the first three degree, the beginner, the companion and the master. And it has evolved with time to became a secrets, knowledge and art inherited by the grand children from the grandparents and passed between generations until it was moved from its practical phase where it is known as freemason. And there was a  theory development which increased by degrees and rituals and symbols that included all Arts, science and knowledge of physical and spiritual.

How can we say that the Freemasonry is a Zionism? and how some returns its roots to the  biblical, Jewish and Sulaimaniya, this what the universal Zionist focused on, and we can say with regret that they can managed to give this thought about the freemasonry. It threatened the freemasonry like she threatened to Christianity before and also destroyed most of the heritage of the ancient Canaanite.

In the year 1721  the first Jew entered the Antiquity N02 lodge and in the year 1703 according to some information another Jewish called Delvaille entered the lodge. It said that the absence of Jews in the Masonic lodges return not to any forbidden rule but to the unwillingness of the Jews themselves to embrace two religions who are spiritual.

The manuscripts in one of La Rose-Croix said that the exclusion of Jews from the Masonic lodges goes back to some of the highest degrees in the Freemasonry which belongs to the  Christianity, such as the 18 degree and some others too. And even today, the freemasons swear a Christian’s swear in some English and Scandinavian lodges.

If we look fundamentally at the upper degrees, you may end up in class 30 only, because  increasing the other three degrees after the thirty has its own symbols, if we have too we will mention them in other article.

In 1909, Charles Bernardin wrote the following: The outcome of my research in 206 books which explain the topic of Freemasonry from the day it was initiated, I reached to a conclusion of 39 different point of view. The most important are.

28 Masonic writer returned the freemasonry to the Covenant Algotica Période Gothique.
5 authors took her back to the Jesuits.
7 authors took her back to the Cross Pink Rose Croix.
12 writers took her back to the Templar Les Templiers.
9 authors took her back to Rome.
7 authors took her back to Athens.
18 writers took her back to Egypt
1 author returned to the east, without specifying.
1 author returned to the Magi.
6 authors took her back to the Jews.
10 authors took her back to Christianity or Christ himself.
3 authors took her back to the masons who built Solomon’s temple.
3 authors to those who remained alive of the flood.
20 authors lost in time.

It is thus clear that the freemasonry is not a Zionist by the testimony of most of the writers who wrote about the freemasonry, despite the difference in what has been written and is contrary to what was said, because those who wrote about the freemasonry tried intentionally or by false information, not to return it to its origin Canaanite roots, it was not the only one who misrepresented their assets and scarred, and given her a non Canaanite roots.

We note to prove some of what appeared in our book (Masonic epitome of civilization Canaanite) for the Magi and Christ and others, without knowing exactly what is was written on this subject, but what we have written, it is the spirit of history despite the fact that we did not try to dive into the depths and although narrowly, which we reported by these two chapters .

And the large number of the writers, confirmed our theory that the freemasonry is as old as man. Since the first civilized human is Canaan in particular, the Canaanite freemasonry consist the civilization of Canaan, and gave the world the light that burst from Canaan, the good and beauty, which he carried, and the right he hold, and the knowledge that brought him to the edge of the mind, to God the almighty,the great architect of the universe

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