Freemasonry Charter

1- Offer the worship for God creator of the great universe.

2- Follow your religion believes and respect other’s religion.

3- Do well for the love of goodness not for other purpose.

4- Cherish the good people.

5- Be helpful for weak and poor people, and help them as much as you can.

6- Reject bad and dilapidator people, and get away from them as much as you can.

7- Avoid disputes, be fair and don’t listen for other than your conscience’s voice.

8- God orders to preserve the bid so don’t reveal other.

9- Don’t soft-soap your brother, adulation is treason.

10- Don’t hate anyone for we are all God’s slaves.

11- Don’t you show of with someone’s compliment.

12- Help the stranger and be hospitable with him.

13- If God gave you a son, thanks him and make of your child a good man for humanity.

14- Let him fear you till the age of 10, love you till his 20’S and respect you till your death. So be his teacher till his 10, a father till his 20’S and a friend till your death.

15- Don’t be shame of your situation or you’re a showoff.

16- A post doesn’t give the person honor or shame but intentions in works.

17- Read and learn, look and act, think and do.

18- Let your actions be useful for others as much for you.

19- Don’t underestimate other’s work.

20- Accept concession without complaining.

21- Don’t you give compliments to other or decrease him, because God the creative of the great universe knows better.

22- Respect your country’s president, respect his government and legislation, and don’t you interfere to help any conspiracy against your country but instead help your country with all your efforts.

23- Avoid arguments and don’t you criticizes other’s religions and politics to be popular.

24- Help your brother, that’s if he is a good person.

25- Be curator towards your friend’s children.

26- Keep your brother’s secret as if it’s yours.

27- Be a good person to be an example for others.

28- Seek for happiness in God’s satisfaction.

29- Do your duties and don’t waste your time and others’ time.

30- Work for your life as if you’re living forever and work for your eternity as if you’re dying tomorrow.

31- He doesn’t deserve to be born the one who lives for him self only.

32- As much as you need the worlds, the world needs you also.

33- People search for hard worker like searching for diamond.

34- Don’t get depressed of your failure; if you’re willing to succeed, it will come to you on time.

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