Freemasonry and “Jehovah” witnesses face-to-face

By the sovereign Joseph Abou zahra

Almost every Christian religious sermon or Christian ceremonial event, are not devoid of exposure to “Jehovah’s Witnesses” in terms of origin and their teachings and distortion of the faith and of religion and the church.

We thank the spiritual fathers to this message and their defense of the Church, but is unfortunately dragged Freemasonry and put them on level with the Jehovah’s Witnesses, as if the heresy of heresies of Freemasonry Jehovah’s Witnesses.

Since ancient times and the Church of Christ vulnerable to invasions the people of innovation, innovations loss.

Perhaps the most dangerous heresies faced by the Church in its long history is a form of “Jehovah’s Witnesses,” which is characterized by its advocates need people in their faith and to challenge doctrines of Christianity, received by the apostles of Christ Church of the saints, and we are not on board veto the sayings of the Fathers.

Very unfortunate name is thrown cosmic philosophical movement – I mean, Freemasonry – which respects all religions and heresies of the people renounce their communities.

Unfortunately, so is that Christians generally do not have only a superficial knowledge of the facts of the Bible, which is the source of the Constitution of the faith and beliefs, which facilitates the task of Almdilan invaders and allow them to sow the tares to ruin crops.

As stated in the message of John the second (9-11) “Whoever transgresses and does not abide in the teachings of Christ, hath not God. Who abides in the teaching of Christ, has both the Father and the Son. If anyone comes to you does not bring this doctrine, do not receive him into home, do not tell him peace, for he who greets him shares in his evil deeds. ”

Anyone looking at the emergence of the “Jehovah’s Witnesses” to find clues needed to place innovations, appeared old and built on false interpretations of some of the texts of the Bible.

What is the relationship of Jehovah’s Witnesses Balambtdein through the generations and the developments and activities in our day.

1) Aloabionah: Christians called for the need for adherence to the law of Moses and denied Christ’s birth and did not recognize the apostle Paul to, either from the point of their belief in Christ was a man they saw as an ordinary ritual, so they kept the law, al-Moussawi and considered necessary.

2) Arian: the proportion of the doctrine (Arius), which are based to be regarded as the Father alone is worth the title of the god, the son is a creature from scratch will of the Father.

3) Alsossianah: proportion to (Sosionos) and a summary of this heresy about Christ that he was just a man, but was called the Son of God because it was conceived by the Holy Spirit, if students of the Torah designated in our days (the Jehovah’s Witnesses) rooted their misguidance to these innovations, which we reported mentioned at length.

4) graded under the heresies that were behind (Jehovah’s Witnesses):

A) the movement of Christ Montazeri

B) Movement Alrsilyen

C) Assembly of human friends and their way

D) The Society students millennial dawn.

These associations are nothing but cults predated the emergence of the name (Jehovah’s Witnesses), but was a century ago during the learning styles (Jehovah’s Witnesses) under the various associations, but they are united among themselves to give birth to innovation (Jehovah’s Witnesses).

Will highlight in detail the thinking and the date and misrepresentations of these innovations through this research, focusing on the most important points that draw the attention of the listener to their teachings. And that that which should be noted is that (Jehovah’s Witnesses), who have amazing courage to break into people’s houses to broadcast their ideas and they have innovated methods of soft material and is authorized by sympathizing who do not earn most of them soon join the movement here and it is regrettable to say:

Instead of pushing the name of the Masonic heresy, such as cults (Jehovah’s Witnesses) I hope and all the love of the spiritual fathers teach Bible truths for Christians and included superficial knowledge of the believers of those facts, especially after the waves of religious intolerance created by the war, and which were not relevant and not to the Christian religion and not to the Islamic religion, its roots, either for what Judaism and its numbers have increased in number these days? Because its smart and thoughtful able Ffersth socially after the war of poverty and low standard of living and existing capacity of the financial and ideological nerve root in the Christian as a result of that war and superficial knowledge of the facts of the Bible.

Mentioned in the Gospel of John: (4-1)

“Beloved, believe not every spirit, but tested the spirits whether they are of God,

Because many false prophets have gone out into the world ”

To shed light on what was in this introduction on the composition of these innovations and we will quote below.

A) the movement of Christ Montazeri

Led this movement, William Miller, a Baptist minister in 1822 an American, brought him

Study of the prophecies of the coming of Christ a second machine, a strange theory that,

That Christ will come in the year 1843. He built his calculations on the two thousandth

And three hundred in the morning and evening, in (Daniel 8:14), assuming that

Here means lacked for a few days. And that account should be based on the beginning of the seventy

Weeks mentioned in (9:24-25)

Any year 457 BC. M. Miller has had his account so: 1843 +457 = 2300

However, as over the year 1843, Christ did not come the movement suffered a bitter disappointment,

But it soon changed its name under the name, 1890, and identified

For the coming of Christ, but also failed, because Christ also is known yet to come.

B) Movement Alrsilyen:

Founder (Charles Taze Russell) 1852-1916, which is led by an American dealer coincidences

And is yet to contact the newly group, joined them, and I love them

Study of the Scriptures, and especially the prophecies Blog.

Ankbabh in the course of the study of sacred literature, extracted the “Messengers” several prophecies

For a second coming of Christ and from His Millennial Reign, imagining that can determine the date of

The coming of Christ, exactly. The enthusiasm carried to devote his time to the authoring and publishing,

He issued several books, largest of the book in seven volumes, including extensive research

Vague, and ambiguous interpretation in the majority of their material. And with it based on evidences many of the Bible, but it was disappointing the reader checker, because the evidence commissioned by proving things unrelated to the topics listed, and perhaps the worst of it, is trying to interpret the texts, according to whim, and thus imposed on the book God to speak what is not in it.

And increase it issued a “Russell” a large number of pamphlets and newspapers, and launched after a noisy propaganda campaign in the newspapers, and in the cinema where he offered a film entitled “Theater of creation.” And after this obvious propaganda that is taken “messengers” of pride, and that carries on his greatest claim that what is found in the world.

But that pride was the truth in front of soap bubbles in front of the air.

In 1916, he died skeptical because of something Tnpoath not.

So I went all the interpretations of the prophecies of the wind, and consequently became the seventh tome in the study of the Bible from the grip of the wind.

Activities Alrsilyen

1872 – This year, the “messengers” a call to his friends, gathered around in the city of Pittsburgh to participate with him in a comprehensive study of the prophecies about the coming of Christ II, and the establishment of the kingdom of God on earth, and after the lesson expanded, select the 1874 date decisive for the coming of Christ.

1874 – me, “Russell” disappointed, because in Nbath for the second coming, did not materialize, and intuitive to reap disappointment painful like this because in the interpretation of prophecy, does not have a weight of what was said by the Lord in the Gospel according to (Matthew 24-25) when he said the Lord more than once that No one knows the day and time that comes in..

1876 ​​- This year was the “messengers” that Christ actually came, but were unforeseen.

The intention of this claim, to cover the failure of the injury, but this attempt did not succeed because it shocked the facts contained in the Book of Acts and Paul’s letters, which describe how the coming of Christ.

1878 – felt “messengers” that reached a level of force so that it can work, in isolation from Fanfsal Mahbve them with friends.

1879 – issued a “Russell” The first issue of the Journal of the control tower that are still exporting various articles pens of Jehovah’s Witnesses.

1880 – issued a “Russell” a publication, select the villain at the end of the world, in the year 1914 and this date has become a trap for many, due to the outbreak of World War One. Vangzb large number of people to believe his claim. And spoke to many disorders which cause them to liquidate their business, and dispose of their wealth, so did not stay with them money, but what they thought enough to kidnap a time when to meet the Lord in the air (First Thessalonians 4:17)

1898 – closer than Alexander Freitag, a Swiss Alrsilyen, Alrsilyen teachings influenced to a large extent, but it was soon, so that is out of phase to the phase of the teacher, who imposes his personal views. With the group’s ideas neglected for several years, but it took the show beginning in 1917.

1904 – raising Almattabron of Shiites, “Charles Taze Russell” to the rank of Alksosah, in a great ceremony.

1909 – group transfer their association headquarters from Pittsburgh to New York (Brokan)

There felt it useful to infiltrate among Christians that remove their name Alrsilyen, and to call themselves a new name by the coating of legitimacy. And the name was chosen: “Association of Torah students.”

1914 – did not occur the end of the wicked world and the kidnapping of the Church, as predicted by “messengers,” but rather to the disaster that took the world by war, came to the world’s disaster more catastrophic for the students of the Torah, because Nbaathm not none of them, which has caused despair among the supervisors Assembly, Fanfrt until their contract.

1916 – in the fourth quarter of this year died, “Charles Taze Russell” was divided on the Assembly itself, and were distributed among the various teams in the more than century, claimed every one of them they are the heirlooms of the doctrine of legitimate pastor of the deceased. In spite of the different facets of education in between each band claimed it was winning the truth alone.

And with that the movement suffered a division, it remained a large number of the group loyal to the “Charles Taze Russell.” These loyalists had gathered around the judge, “Rotford,” and they established their head. And this man had been marked by actively and widely in the world of writing, He wrote several books, including guitar God, reconciliation, salvation, creation, life, salvation, Jehovah’s enemies, in addition to a large number of publications.

In that period of time found “Freitag” that he had the opportunity to use his position as a supervisor at the Office of the Assembly, to broadcast the personal thoughts, which exceeded the Dilalha all the teachings of “messengers.”

1917 – publication of “Freitag” some personal thoughts on the pages of the weekly magazine evoking ire of his colleagues, Vhbwa resistance to all violence.

1920 – this year raised a violent campaign against the ideas of “Freitag”, Tiglath to defend himself with a group of saws Cdedeh dialect, and was soon turned to the attack scheduled to Mchaiei “Rotford” are the Church “Laodicea” of the counter cold, that the determination of the Lord that Atakioha of his mouth. I accused them modify the predictions of “messengers” for the second coming of Christ, from 1914 to 1918, his unbeaten judge “Rotford” and a violent argument broke out between them ended in the last separation.

And then A “Freitag” Shia misleading New named “Friends of Man” and the age laws have made the most of the heresies astray, but his association itself did not last long so divided after his death, which were not expected so quickly. And was struck by his friends because he was really argue that life is eternal for those who heard his teaching will be on the ground.

1931 – after the split, “Freitag” for students of the Bible Society following a row that fired during altercations, the leaders found they could not stay longer under the old name. So they held a conference under the chairmanship of years “Rotford” They decided it: First, change the name of the Shiites, they called themselves “Jehovah’s Witnesses.”

Second, the follow-up to issue their publications as the “World Assembly for students in the Torah,” a book (let God be true, which was published in French in 1948)

1939 – emerged during this year’s bulletins and the rejection of a new different in form for publications of Jehovah’s Witnesses, but they agree in spirit with the teachings of the “Messengers” misleading, and that brochures distributed by people who belong to a new team of teams, “students of the Bible” called itself the “dawn” Sometimes, and ” Russell millennial dawn “at other times.

1942 – died judge “Rotford” in the January 8 this year,

I moved the leadership of Jehovah’s Witnesses to “Nathan Knorr,” which was already running

Presidency of the Propaganda Department in the Assembly, which is the Magic Planet “School of the control tower,”

That graduate each year a large number of missionaries.

1947 – died in this year’s “Alexander Freitag”, who claimed he would not see death,

So his death was sudden severe disappointment to the followers of the “Friends of Man” who were shocked

Conquered doubt and their hearts, and planted the distinction between them, so that they could not establish

Successor of the deceased to look after their flock. But a large part of them wrapped around a certain

“Ravn”, Vagelsuh on the throne in the Palace “Kartenbe” in Geneva.

From there, issued the first edition of his newspaper, “the kingdom of righteousness teacher.”

The others Vtbawa “Bernard Cyrus,” which will be called “Shepherd Secretary”

France and made his permanent home.

From there he began to issue his newspaper, “The kingdom of justice and truth.”

This year also, students of the Bible issued the “Messengers of millennial dawn”
First issue of their newspaper “Dawn”, and then a few years

They took their teachings from the sow House Radio Monte Carlo, under the title “Thomas Pier”

From here we say to the clergy and the whole world, that does not link to Freemasonry Jehovah’s Witnesses and Freemasons, is not the missionary to go to people’s homes to ask them to enter it, but Freemasonry choose the elite of society, from businessmen and intellectuals from all religions, sects and races, Freemasonry school of philosophy universal social.

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