Entrance in the history of Freemasonry

By the Sovereign Joseph Abou Zahra

Entrance in the history of Freemasonry

Most authors and researchers took several aspects of “the system and philosophy of Freemasonry.” Topics covered in depth or superficially science is, or science meetings Mahvlah, or doctrines or scientific, philosophical, but few of them dealt with its history in depth. No doubt, there’s a thin line connecting what was called secrets, and we mean way preservation and use scholars and priests of ancient times, from Canaan through Balsomrean and the Babylonians, the Egyptians, to Persia, to India, leading up to our days, but no longer a secret these secrets and its system, the continuity of a secret in Freemasonry over station contemplative for the selection of what was creative in and save it in the Heritage and Arts Masonry. You can not transfer the heritage or hypotheses for thousands of years, without giving the time element and the element of philosophy and a concept of rights in religious beliefs, and their introduction, the fact that the Masons were not Pflsvetha and sciences are closed, or static to the so heritage.

Addressing researchers and historians the British serious history Freemason, clearly and a kind of secularization, relied on a number of old documents, and used the art of revision through the clarity of a stunning and skin for the selection and translation of the right words and expressive, but with their work incomplete, because it appeared several other documents did not affect the course of their work, but left gaps in their research, hence can not be based on the history of Freemasonry today, references to the English, had to wait for the end of the last century and early this century for the emergence of some German historians, and the addition of Mjhodhm for clarification on some facts not aware of who addressed this subject previously.

I got mixed up on these researchers did not put an end transparent, between the date of Freemasonry

And the Knights Templar, between Freemasonry and the ancient secrets, and took literally the texts hermsii

The Pharaonic symbols and wonderful outlook to the god, without the development of this idea with time, and look

Religions to the god, or religious sense of one God, and here it also confused the public

Volsqoa Balmasonah charge of atheism.

And mixing it to historians, the history of Freemasonry and return them to the myths of the Middle

The myths of Persia, and Science “Alrozakrossin” Rose Croix , the public is confused

Alsqoa Balmasonah and charges of witchcraft and sorcery.

And mixing it to the historians of Freemasonry and the Kabbalah biblical texts and professional visions

Gnosticism, Science and Altaosofih, mixed it to the public and Alsqoa Balmasonah charge of “natural religion.”

As well as confused on these historians to build cathedrals and monuments in the Middle Ages

And decorated with mythical sense of art – religious, as was the liberal arts medieval art permits,

And mingled with it to the public, and the idea of ​​Alsqoa Balmasonah mockery of God and religion in the texts and images

Jdraniat and semi-pagan, tradition and ask the church at that time for these reasons.

In the writing of history in Freemasonry and the writing of history in every similar organization, for of that distinction

Between thought and form, between the soul and the body of the subject, he has to distinguish between the “Masonic

La Franc-  Maçonnerie “Masonic organizations and the Federation of L a Société des Francs Maçons ,

Thought in such research, often above the logic of history, and remains independent of all Masonic organizations


From here, several leads impose a certain ideology, and the consecration of a certain, must be above the text,

The most important recognition of one God, Creator of the universe and the creator of all Algamalat it.

This idea must be eternal and universal arbiter and literally from all meetings Mahvlah cosmic

As well as the divine light and the light of thought.

Date of stay here, Masonic organizations, and this date is subject to the vagaries of the times and places and the men

Thought that led the global Freemasonry, of which we get to a virtual conclusion, it is not error in the history of

Masonic lodges, which collectively constitute a universal Freemasonry, the fact that this date is subject to the variables

Does not invalidate the essence of thought that must be controlled and always stay.

The thought and the form here, not mutually exclusive than complementary in proving the general history of Freemasonry very least

In time and space. However, this integration presents us with an important question, a large number of roots that revolves around

Masonic order, and recall, for example.

Is Freemasonry began in the roots of civilization, “Indo-European” or “Greek” or “Egyptian” or


Does ideology and philosophy derived from Altnzirat “Alviagorih” or “Shia people of Qumran,” or “complex Athens.”

Or “complex of Alexandria,” or within the organization Christians in the first days through, or fraternal organizations

“Kalpndiktin Benedictins  “, or the” crusaders, ” or under “Alrozakrossin Rose Croix  ”

Or within the “Almnoren”?

May seem to the public that these organizations and others not mentioned, most of their time they were Masonaa

Faded in history, ideology, organization and remained Freemasonry. Why?

Because of these weak links making up some of the integrity of the Masonic ring that stretched through the ages

To all over the world and still are. And explained my idea more, these organizations are some of the principles of Anhalt

And ideas of the Masonic affected by it and had left its traces the historical without being affected by the Masons.

Researchers in Masonic history, that come up the river to reach the spring, to the system

” L ‘ordre  “, without delude themselves in the roots that feed the river Aowalsoaqa which branched from it.

The secret here: on each researcher to travel to the East, because East is the source symbolic and philosophical

Of the Masonic organization, and I mean here in the Middle, Lebanon Phoenician Canaanite from which derived its origins Almasina

And its roots and its civilization.

Why Lebanon?

Highlights of Lebanon before the fog of history in a triangle under the slogan:

Faith, including behind the article, taking exquisite beauty, seeking to achieve intelligence.

And the Lebanese people in the Neolithic era – that is six thousand years – the first move

Of caves, grottoes, and plains, to the individual houses. People so the house, and the grave:

House of the organism, the Dead and stable, and establishes the city and the cemetery, bearing the foundations

Stable civilization in the city, which is the meaning of urbanization. And if we go deeper in the study of

This civilization, the Lebanese, we can respond to three characteristics: physical, mental,

And spiritual, we see all accompanied by the Lebanese in their tracks on the sequence of the ages, and the evolution of

Conditions, marked by their culture from other ancient civilizations, and if the civilization

Popular Mkhalqh peaceful, not a civilization kings and emperors domineering, and despots of Assyria Calveraana

And Babylon, and civilization of the tribes rampant Calhoun, and the Mongols and the Tatars.

The character of the material in the Lebanese culture, the first showing a construction, the foundations of any civilization,

Out of Lebanon by which since the dawn of the sixth millennium, it is easy and the cave, to

House built by monopoly, first round huts on the land paved, then a stone Mansoba

The round corners. Lebanese construction and upgrade, and publish it on trips, even know

In ancient times, cities Feached Mufnna planning, impregnable walls,

Disproportionate Altqatia, bus structures, majestic, magnificent and circuits, and monuments

Multi-layered, and narrow the ground to clear the air, spreading the skyscrapers of

All Hawwadharh east and west, from wanted to Tyre, to Carthage, to Sanaa

Yemen, residing in the port of Tyre, the port is still paved the blink of engineers and scientists

Navigation, and the rise of the work to improve the stripping consideration, realizes the assets of Engineering

Architectural, and becomes a professor of structural art.

If willing, Solomon, in the tenth century BC, to raise the beta on it, turned

Lebanese engineer to Hiram, remove the structure miracle beautiful art and suitable, and if he wanted to

His travel “Proverbs” is a metaphor of the stability of wisdom said, resorted to the columns

The seven basic building a house in the true Lebanese.

If desired, Paul Valery, in the twentieth century AD, to put the title of his research

The origins of beauty, but did not see the name of the Lebanese engineer Aopalenos crowned by the book

Precious, and Aopalenos this is synonymous in the tale of Cadmus dissemination of thought beginning with education

Greece, teachers of the world. Cadmus taught them the alphabet, any architecture of mind, and knowing

Aopalenos construction, home building and any structure.

Vhvzawa verses about umpires in the assets of the arts in general, and united in building the full

Disproportionate sections, equal parts and details to the events of the overall splendor. And chanted

What he’s meant to his disciples in the novel Valerie:

“I want to move people as motivated by a structural object beloved.”

Or surprising after this, that proportionality is the basis of Greek art, but the foundations of every  building material

Or mental, in  our art and our industry honored, in your walls, which are mighty waves of the sea

And the flow of invasions,  in our structures and Qlaana Association in the most fertile plains, and watchful to the most serious

Corridors,  especially in the design of Baalbek, in the monuments or columns, statues in Carthage, in the

Mahforat Ivory minute scattered us in the museums of the world, in animals dolls

Graceful populated in the coffers of our museum, the outstanding prospects in the villages where the planets since Tzhar

Opened  the human eye on the beauty of the stars, in the homes of our farmers growing diligence, Almokhtalh

Cleanliness and order, in our mountains shafts Alemsenrh chains, listed «Paljlol»

Preserve the soil and grow crops in Khanatna our hotels and existing plants and features of the industry

Trade since the Middle Ages, in our limitations and Daratna emerging poets and , Writers and philosophers, Gibran Khalil Gibran, Mikhail Naima, Khalil Mutran, Said Akl, Elias Abu Chabkeh, and others …

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