A sincere freemasonry greeting

I and on behalf of Orient de Canaan, thank the respected Malta lodge and in particular his Grand Master Brother Banjamin Muscat for inviting us to attend a meeting of the Mediterranean lodges.  And we wonít forget the role of our brother Ghassan Saade in the preparation for this blessed meeting.

Itís our pleasure to have the privilege of this fraternal meeting to discuss overall developments and changes in our region that affected the political and social life.  It has become necessary for us to surround our freemasonry with diligence in order to play effectively its role in the service of humanity and the victory of truth and justice.  The increase of violence and extremisms leads us strongly to take a decisive stand to defend the principles that have long been kept by our sacrifices from the fourteenth century till now, and to strengthen the meanings of brotherhood and humanity that brought together members of the universal fraternity for centuries ago.

 Dear brothers

The success of this conference is supposed to establish cultural and Masonic activities to help the brothers to discover the importance of that spot in science and civilization made for all mankind.  From there, launched all divine religions that have invaded the land and man to make him a being worthy of life.  Its worth to confirm that, that spot has seen the birth of the first largest lodges which contributed to realize the changes in political and social rights, in order to live in liberty and peace.

These Semitic principles of freemasonry seemed enough to make the Mediterranean community like a paradise filled with freedom, fraternity and equality in the absence of evil and greed and all that harms the visage of the creator and engineer of this great universe.

Hence we are honored to link brotherly with Cecilia Lodge, who is one of the most important Italian and European lodge, which has been the leader for Masonic new generations.  The Mediterranean lodge is also known for his past and loves to reunite the brothers, in an effort to build a strong Mediterranean and we should not forget the Grand lodge of Malta who complete the circle of brotherhood.

Therefore the cultural exchange in freemasonry is not limited in teaching the Masonic rituals but through acquaintance to strengthen fraternal bonds of brotherhood between members of the lodges by internet or mutual visits.  This will give us access to cultural and social activities that you have adopted in your countries in order to benefit from your experiences in our modern societies, because the freemasonry was found to be the support for oppressed people who seek the light and true knowledge.


Dear Brothers

Orient De Canaan is proud to join you and work to promote the cause of freemasonry, in spite of all sacrifices in order to support the human being away from his religions and ethnic beliefs.   Our lodge didnít hesitate to do those duties defying all social, political and economic conditions. From years ago Orient De Canaan did not lag for helping the needy people through the provision of material support in order to please God and the great human principals.  Add to it the annual school aid and the distribution of school bags to those who need it, facing the importance of health needs, Orient De Canaan allocated definite days to receive patients (diabetes and heart) and give them medicines, and that is due to the cooperation of doctors, brothers affiliated in our lodges.

His activities do not stop at this point, so Orient De Canaan persevere in major holidays such as Christmas, to bring gifts to the center of orphans or infirm and invites them to banquets in our lodge which tried by himself to perform those duties imposed by its humanitarians and freemasonry conviction .


Perhaps the most important act he did was when he embraced the majority of south families who ran away from Israeli attacks in July 2006, he hosted them for several weeks and provided them what they need from food, shelter, medicines and clothing.  All this, was done by the joint efforts of the brothers who worked day and night with their Grand Commander Joseph Abou Zahra to assure the requirements of the displaced people.  Also there are many benefits that affect the brothers in happiness and sorrow.  And this is one of the holiest duties in our lodge.  All these activities did not deter Orient de Canaan from preparation of social plans to satisfy his ambitions and desires in the service of humanity.  Some specialist brothers present complete studies for the construction of clinics and a hospital which will ward off the death for many, while the medical costs exceeded within the reasonable limits.  The brothers didnít forget the home for the elderly as a token of the fulfillment of what they have made to their communities in their youth, and our belief that we will be old one day.  In addition there is an orphanage school that will help the buds of new generations to build a bright future.

All the studies are ready and we would like to keep you informed about them, to take advantage of your bright thoughts and support in various fields.

Dear Brothers.

We hope God will help us in our quest for good pleading for his satisfactions and forgiveness.  We are happy to meet with our brothers and work together according to the holy brotherhood and the sacred principles of our tribe.

Faithfully yours

Grand Master

Salem Daccak